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Explore our pricing options and select your preferred option. You can make your investment both short term and long term in the financial market.

TIER 1 Plan

$100 Min
  • Trade up to $100M
  • Earn 0.107% ROI Daily
  • 0.028% Referral Commissions daily
  • Unlock rewards
  • Support Forum
Invest and Trade Crypto

Why Choose UnitedCoins

Our drive and value proposition to you is our integrity and financial transparency, we publish financial statements quarterly for interested partnership as required by the law. we store our digital assets in secure offline storage.

Withdrawals are free

Bitcoin network fee is lower than any other swapping exchange. Be in control of your Bitcoin when you're ready

Stake Crypto

Stake your preferable assets, choose the type of coin to stake. Earn annual rewards.

98% Stored Offline

98% stored offline - Start your investment journey and invest with more confidence, no certain limitations apply. 98% of your funds stored offline.

Crypto Loans

Use crypto or fiat as a collateral asset. It's always secured and will return safely to you as soon as you repay your loan. Request for your loan and get your money instantly.

Covered By Insurance

UnitedCoins LLC is duely and legally licensed by LLC for cryptocurrency investment and swapping, staking crypto and loans.

Multi-trading Options

Store and earn income on stocks you own different digital currencies, with high tech security